About Us

We are passionate about creating mind-blowing content Using modern state of the art quadcopter systems to ensure stunning footage, whether it be for photography, filming or general surveying of your property. We are able to give you a birds eye view and add a stunning perspective to your project. With the use of our fully stabilised camera we are capable of not only still photography but also incredibly stunning 4k video footage, our service doesn't stop after taking the images the post production process includes editing your project be it still images, time-lapse, video footage or maybe a combination. Black Mountain Productions are CAA certified and fully insured.

Aerial video/photography

By operating high end quadcopter technology we are able to provide cinematic quality video and still photograhy of your property or special event.

Real Estate Video/Photography

With the use of our UAV’s we are able to give your property that unique appearance that can give you the edge over your competitors.


Using advanced┬áprofessional editing software we are able to turn your home video’s into a polished finished film using text, transitions and music.